Body massage solution treatments

in Edgbaston at the Therapy Hub

We have put together a menu of therapeutic massages designed to help you feel better whether you are in need of de-stressing, relaxing, energising, detoxing or being nurtured or soothed. Our massage oils are specially blended by a local aromatherapist to provide the exact ingredients you need to achieve the state you want to be in. This may be relaxing lavender, uplifting grapefruit, warming ginger or nurturing chamomile. Our massage techniques will also support the massage you want – slow and gentle to de-stress, stimulating to energise or firm and deep to soothe aching muscles. Whatever your needs we have a blend of oils and a treatment plan to meet them exactly and make you feel 100% better.

De-Stressing and Relaxing Massage Solution

The soothing qualities of lavender, chamomile and mandarin help you to fully unwind. Gentle rhythmic massage strokes drain tension from your body leaving you feeling calm and stress-free.
90 mins – £52.00
60 mins – £42.00

Energising and Uplifting Massage Solution

A stimulating massage using the tanginess and freshness of clove, ginger and lemon to lift your senses and boost your energy levels. This will leave you alert and ready to face the day.
90 mins – £52.00
60 mins – £42.00

Soothing Muscle Ache Massage Solution

This massage uses a blend of oils renowned for their relaxing effect on muscles. The warmth of ginger and juniper and the healing qualities of peppermint and lemon grass will reduce tension in the body and soothe aches and pains.
90 mins – £52.00
60 mins – £42.00

Women’s Balancing Massage Solution

Using the wonderful fragrances of rose, frankincense and geranium, this blend will harmonise the mind and body leaving you with emotional and physical clarity.
90 mins – £52.00
60 mins – £42.00

Mum-to-be Nurturing Massage

Using a blend of nurturing oils such as Mandarin and Chamomile which are 100% safe in massage, this treatment will give you sense of physical and emotional well-being during this important time. The gentle massage techniques will help reduce problems such as backache and swollen ankles while the Geranium and Rosewood oils will help soften skin to prevent stretch marks. Suitable from 2nd trimester. We recommend at least a 75 mins session for your first treatment as it includes an initial consultation. Please see Baby section for more details.
90 mins – £55.00
75 mins – £50.00
60 mins – £45.00

Hot Stones Option

Hot stones can be added to any of the ‘Massage Solution’ treatments enhancing the effectiveness and enjoyment of the treatment. (Not suitable for pregnant women).
Additional cost – £5.00