Body Massage

Body massage treatments in Glastonbury, Somerset with Therapy Hub

To suit all budgets and time restrictions we offer several options in our massage menu from 45 minute back and shoulder sessions to our 75 minute full body ‘massage solution’ treatments here in our home based treatment room just outside Glastonbury.

Massage is wonderful to receive and also has loads of therapeutic benefits as it increases the flow of oxygen and nutrients around the body. This stimulates all body systems to perform more effectively in addition to relaxing tight muscles, mobilising stiff and painful joints and speeding up the removal of toxins from our body. Massage is also extremely effective in reducing stress and inducing a sense of calm and peace.

Introductory Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage

An effective mix of massage strokes which work therapeutically to ease tight and aching muscles. This treatment relaxes the whole of the upper body leaving you feeling lighter and pain free.
45 mins – £43.00

Tailor-made Holistic Massage

This massage is completely tailor-made to your exact requirements. It uses a range of advanced massage techniques to reduce tension in the body, relieve muscle pain and relax you completely.
75 mins – £58.00
60 mins – £48.00

Indian Head Massage

A wonderfully soothing massage of the back, neck, shoulders, head and face. This is an effective mix of strokes bringing therapeutic benefits but also calm and relaxation to the body.
45 mins – £43.00


Hot Stones – £5.00 Supplement to above prices

The heat of hot stones on the body brings comfort and relief as soothing heat penetrates deep into the muscle tissues. The weight of the stones makes them an effective massage tool to get rid of tension in the body.

Neal’s Yard Pure Essential Oils – £2.00 Supplement to above prices

All our massages include an organic sunflower oil. However if you love the idea of essential oils, we can offer a range of pre-blended oils to enhance your treatment experience. Whether you want to feel relaxed, energised, clearer in thought, calmer in mind – there will be the exact blend for you – please see full details at: