Essential Oil Massage

Warm Essential Oils from Neal’s Yard

In addition to our standard massage treatments we also offer a wide range of soothing essential oils which will tailor your massage to achieve the state you want to be in. The Neal’s Yard Range of pure, wild-harvested and organic essential oils provide the exact ingredients you need to enjoy a fully soothing massage experience. This may be relaxing lavender, energising ginger, refreshing grapefruit, nurturing rose and many others.

Add essential oil to your selected massage session for just £3.00 extra.

Choose From:

Calming and Restful

A relaxing blend of chamomile, mandarin and bergamot soothes and creates an atmosphere of tranquility of both body and mind. Gentle rhythmic massage strokes release tension from your body helping you to fully unwind.

Energising and Revitalising

A stimulating massage using ginger, black pepper and cedarwood to lift your senses and boost lagging energy levels. This will leave you feeling alert and renewed – just like a new person!

Women’s Balancing and Uplifting

Using the wonderful fragrances of rose, frankincense and geranium, this blend will restore balance to your body and mind. It will uplift, nurture and rejuvenate and take the edge off your emotions. An ideal solution if feeling ‘hormonal’.

Focusing the Mind

Refreshing orange, rosemary and spearmint naturally boosts your energy and enhances concentration. It  gives you the tools to go on and tackle difficult tasks with renewed vigour and clarity of mind.

Bringing Hope and Optimism

This balancing blend of stimulating black pepper and refreshing grapefruit and jasmine brings a renewed optimism, positivity and hope into your life. It’s great at times when you need an extra dose of inner confidence.

Quietening A Busy Mind

A comforting blend of lavender, rose and vetiver will bring peace and tranquillity to a busy mind and will ensure you have the best nights sleep ever.