Mum & Baby Massage

Mum-to-be Massage

There are few times in life when you need a good massage more

than when you are pregnant! Massage during pregnancy has numerous benefits:

  • Reduces general aches and pains such as backache and pelvic discomfort
  • Reduces swelling in ankles, feet and hands
  • Softens skin and increases elasticity to help prevent stretch marks
  • Increases circulation and flow of oxygen and nutrients to mum and baby
  • Relaxes and de-stresses you and your baby and promotes better sleep

Pregnancy massage can be taken from the 2nd trimester right up until the birth! It is completely safe to receive and the warm nurturing oils used are blended specifically for mums-to-be. We recommend at least a 75 mins treatment for your first session as it includes an initial consultation.
90 mins – £55.00
75 mins – £50.00
60 mins – £45.00

Post-Natal Massage

Once baby has arrived, it’s equally as important to find time for that post-natal massage. Not only is your body recovering from childbirth, but your new job as a mum, carrying, feeding and falling asleep with your baby in strange positions, may be causing a whole new series of aches, pains and poor posture. If you have not had a C-section you can go for a post-natal massage as soon as you feel up to it. Otherwise you would need to leave 6 weeks post surgery. This massage may be taken side lying if this is more comfortable and you will be well padded under tender parts! The oil is blended by an aromatherapist and is safe to use while breastfeeding. Similarly we recommend at least a 75 mins treatment for your first session as it includes an initial consultation.
90 mins – £55.00
75 mins – £50.00
60 mins – £45.00

Baby Massage

Baby Massage is available as either a 5-week group session or individual one-to-one sessions. Whichever session you choose you will learn to do a full body massage on your baby and learn Baby Yoga and Baby Reflexology techniques. The combined Massage, Yoga and Reflexology will give you the tools to soothe and relax your baby and help you deal naturally with a number of conditions such as colic, constipation, teething, eczema and poor sleep patterns.
Other benefits include:

  • Encouraging the bonding process
  • Improving the flow of oxygen and nutrients around the body
  • Helping prepare baby’s muscles for crawling and mobilising joints
  • Strengthening all body systems
  • Helping remove toxins from the body
  • Nourishing the skin and aiding skin complaints through the use of pure sunflower oil
    Relaxing baby and reducing stress

To attend Baby Massage, babies should be at least 6-8 weeks old, have had their 6-8 week check and have no medical conditions where it would be inadvisable to massage such as infection, high temperature or a recent fracture. Babies can attend Baby Massage classes up to pre-toddling stage – however it is advisable to do it before they get too wriggly at around 6 months.

Group Sessions

These are small group classes with a maximum of 10 babies and the sessions are designed to be fun and informal. The course covers an easy to follow full head to toe massage sequence and yoga and reflexology routines. Dates to be confirmed soon.

Your own group course

With a minimum of 4 people I can put a course on especially for you. These can be held at  a time and day to suit you at one of your  Please contact me for more information.

5 week group session – 60 mins per week – £45.00

One-to-One Baby Massage Tuition

This is a one hour session to teach you individually how to do a full body massage and yoga and reflexology routines on your baby. This takes place at Therapy Hub practice in Glastonbury.  Babies need to follow the criteria above regarding age and health to receive massage. You also need to organise a time when you know your baby is not tired, hungry or grumpy to get the most out of this session.
The cost includes sunflower oil and a copy of the massage routine.

60 mins – £45.00

Tuition + Treatment

Your baby will normally sleep following a massage session so why not combine it with a treatment for you. Choose from a 30 minute Back/Shoulder/Neck Massage, Indian Head Massage, Express Facial or Reiki Healing.
Tuition + Treatment, 90 mins – £55.00


Your tutor is Jane Hobbs who specialises in baby and pregnancy massage. She holds a Diploma in Baby Massage, accredited by the Guild of Infant and Child Massage and has been running group and individual baby massage tuition sessions since 2008. Jane is also an experienced pregnancy massage therapist working with mums- to-be from 12 weeks onwards.

Gift Vouchers

We sell special Therapy Hub Gift Vouchers for Pregnancy, Post Natal and Baby Massage treatments.