Therapists Marketing Service

The UK Therapists Complete Marketing Solution

Therapists Marketing Service (TMS) is dedicated to helping Therapists market themselves professionally and cost effectively.

It is run by Jane Hobbs an experienced Holistic Therapist running a busy and successful Therapy practice in Birmingham who also has a very strong background in PR and Marketing.

Jane has been in PR and Marketing for more than 20 years, working for top London and Birmingham agencies as well as running her own PR Consultancy. She would probably still be doing this if the lure of working as a Holistic Therapist had not been so strong!

Today she combines both sets of skills – as an experienced marketer and a Holistic Therapist – to help other Therapists understand why they need to market themselves and show them how they can be doing this as effectively as possible. Her background means she is uniquely placed to bring together the unlikely worlds of Therapies and Marketing and can offer Therapists a level of empathy, advice and help which they are unlikely to get from any other marketing professional.

Jane has teamed up with great designer who also specialises in working with Therapists and has built several excellent web sites for Therapists across the UK in addition to designing eye-catching brochures, newsletters and other sales literature. Together we can help you with all your marketing requirements whether that is to undertake a full marketing campaign to launch you as a Therapist or simply give you some advice on where to start!
Our Service offers:

  • A complete web site service to include writing and designing a site for you, hosting and maintaining it and Search Engine Optimisation (to make sure people can find you once you have a site!)
  • Writing, designing and producing all sales literature such as brochures, flyers, newsletters, blogs etc
  • The design and printing of all stationery such as business cards and letterheads
  • elp and advice with advertising campaigns such as where to advertise and producing an advertisement
  • Help with PR campaigns such as writing a piece on you for your local papers or organising a local radio interview
  • Help using social marketing such as Facebook and Twitter to promote you
  • General help and advice on all aspects of marketing

We are happy to discuss any aspect of marketing with you to include any or all of the elements of our service and will put together a plan for you free of charge. However we also offer an excellent value for money package which will provide everything you need to launch yourself as a professional Therapist. The package is priced at just £999.99 inclusive and we are also offering the option to spread the cost over 3 months with 3 monthly instalments of £350.00. This package is subject to some terms and conditions.
The Therapist’s Complete Marketing Package includes:

  • The writing, design and production of up to a 10 page web site
  • The writing, design and production of an A4 3-folded Brochure, Business Cards and Letterheads
  • The printing of 500 Brochures, Business Cards and Letterheads

Please contact Jane Hobbs for a free no obligation discussion regarding how you can be marketing yourself professionally and cost effectively:
[email protected]